I would like to personally thank you for visiting the RGI Healthcare family of websites. It is my privilege-and my personal passion-to offer you products of the highest quality made from innovative technologies. My own personal goal is to improve the quality of life for others through products that promote better health and comfort, while offering our customers outstanding value.

RGI Healthcare develops a number of groundbreaking health and wellness products. Among them are the TravelJohn™ Disposable Urinal, which uses a unique patented flow management system called Liqsorb®. Developed by our team of scientists, Liqsorb® is a specially formulated hygienic and anti-microbial absorbent powder. Our customers tell us they are so delighted with the TravelJohn ™ Disposable Urinal that they won’t leave home without it.

This is just one of the exciting products we developed with you in mind to promote better health and provide an enhanced quality of life. We look forward to your continued patronage and to offering you more outstanding service and value in the years to come.

Mike Deni Lin
President, Reach Global Industries, Inc.

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